write and turn in an in depth analysis of people living with disabilities from the movie you have selected

Movies to choose from: A Beautiful Mind, Radio, The Men, Coming Home, The Waterdance, Passion Fish, The People vs. Larry Flynt, A Brief History in Time, My Left Foot, Murderball, I am Sam, Stuck on You, Rory O’Shea Was Here, Awakening, Scent of a Woman, Rainman, or As Good as It Gets. Please post the title of the movie as the title of your thread. Then answer the following questions by providing examples from the movie. (Minimum 500 words) What did you learned about people with disabilities? What hinders them from being able to live like anyone else? What are the leisure and choices that they got? (Relate this week’s reading to answer this question) How difficulty was it for them to have a leisure active lifestyle? Explain. If you were in his or her shoes, what would you do differently to enhance your leisure wellness?