write an essay on how Flint Michigan was effected negativity by “the white flight” and how that plays into how the “Flight Water Crisis” started and played out.

This will involve what white flight is, why it happened, what it caused, and how it still effects Flint to this day. Talk a lot General Motors and racial discrimination and such.You can also bring in other cities and relate them in how they were also effected by white flight and how white flight in the past effected them through history and into the present.Make sure it is Chicago formatting.I have included below what my professor wants:
You will write one research paper for this course, due at the end of the term. The paper should be approximately ten (10) pages in length, following formatting guidelines that I will provide to you. The paper will require you to choose a topic related to the Flint Water Crisis and conduct research on that topic. Research can involve any number of methods of acquiring information about your topic, including reading scholarly sources, cultural analysis, archival research, interviews, surveys, participant observation, or some combination of these. While papers need not be argumentative in nature, they must demonstrate skills of interpretation and analysis. My evaluation of your paper will be based on several factors:-The focus and organization of the paper.
-The originality of the research and/or the perspective taken in the paper.
-The quality, adequacy, and interpretation of the data/evidence used in the paper.
-The clarity and mechanics (grammar, spelling, punctuation, formatting, etc.) of the paper.