Write an essay of at least 750 words (including quotations from the poems and prose selections that you use as support) on ONE of the general topics below. You must discuss at least three reading selections for the topic you choose.

YOU MUST USE READING SELECTIONS FROM THE TEXTBOOK (The Romantic Period or the Victorian Age). IF YOU DON’T HAVE THE TEXTBOOK, PLEASE CONSULT THE TABLE OF CONTENTS: http://media.wwnorton.com/cms/contents/NAEL9_v2_TOC.pdf
General Instructions:

If you use secondary sources in your essay (even those I have provided for you), be sure to cite them, using MLA format. Even if you dont quote directly, you must cite secondary sources in the paper itself. You will also need to include a works cited list.
Quotations from the textbook require only a page number. Do not repeat the author’s name in parentheses. Just put the author’s name in a sentence in your discussion.
You should choose different poems or prose selections (unless the topic states otherwise) than those you used in your reading responses.
The three examples should be by different authors.
Some of the topics focus on Victorian authors, though for others, you may wish to include writers from the Romantic age.
The paper should be in essay form with an introduction, thesis statement, body paragraphs with transitions, and a conclusion, not a collection of reading responses with sub-headings.
You must use quotations from the reading selections as support for your general ideas. Your examples must show that you have read the literature that you are discussing, not just the author’s biography or an online summary.
A brief overview isn’t adequate. Again, you must show that you read the selection (poem or prose selection) carefully, and you must show how the body paragraphs support your thesis.
You should not choose long poems or plays, since it would be difficult to discuss these thoroughly in a short paper. (You will have an opportunity to write about them in the research paper.)
You will find the Victorian Web very useful, but be sure to cite it if you use information from it.
It’s acceptable to use “I” in the paper, but you should avoid using “I think” too often. Use “I” only when expressing your personal view.
Use present tense when writing about literature.Here are the general topics. As indicated above, you should choose one of these to write about.
1. Write an essay of at least 750 words in which you discuss three poems, each by a different poet who wrote about the human relationship with nature. Your examples may include both Victorians and Romantics. Since there are so many poems about nature by a variety of poets, Im not including a list, but you may send me a message if you need help.