Write an essay dicussing the The effects of ginger and Diabetes

Each student will be responsible for preparing one presentation on pharmacological management of the disease or pharmacological applications of a drug or group of drugs.
Nursing Implications are the nursing-related consequences and what you as the nurse should be looking for in the treatment and care of your patient.
The presentation must identify the Pharmacodynamic properties and actual/potential effects on the patient.
The requirements for the presentation will be to:Summarize the relevant pathophysiology. epidemiology and pharmacology of the topic, and
Review the major drug and/or drug classes used in the treatment of the condition chosen. Include examples of specific drugs, dosages, and frequencies.
Summarize the pharmacodynamics and kinetics as related and to summarize pharmacological treatment options.
Summarize the role of the advanced practice nurse in managing therapy and educating the patient.
Use at least three to five graduate-level references and at least one peer-reviewed publication.
You can use a bullet point style as if your using a PowerPoint presentation and the total number of pages can be 4 to 6. Remember, we are not talking about full paragraphs but about five or six bullet points per page.
Regarding references for this and the discussion postings please be sure to use quality academic references. This would include your textbooks, but more importantly, peer-reviewed medical and advanced practice nursing journals. I will not accept references to web sites or periodicals directed towards the general public