Write an essay comparing how any two characters in these stories understand and cope (or not) with their deviation from the human norm and what each gains or loses as a result.

2) The characters in the stories by Atwood, Russell, and Borges could be described as scapegoats, which simply means a person or group of people whom a community harshly punishes, casts out, or even kills in the hope of preserving its own unity, purity, and strength. Why are these characters singled out? What do the other characters in each story hope to gain by treating the monsters as they do? Write an essay in which you explore what at least one of these stories suggests about whom we tend to treat as scapegoats, when and why we do so, and what the consequences tend to be.-on a short story called “The House of Asterion” by Jorge Luis Borges (18991986). It’s supposed to be 525-700 words and in mla format.