Write an argumentative based essay examining how a story of your choosing makes a statement about a social issue (class, race, gender, ageism, cultural identity). Things to consider:What claim does the story seem to be making?

How does the author’s background, life experiences, and beliefs contribute and/or influence the theme and message of this story?
How does the story use literary devices and elements of fiction to illustrate its point?
What characters seem to be speaking on behalf of the theme?
What symbols contribute to this?
The requirements for this essay are as follows:
1,250 to 1,500 words in length (NOT including the Works Cited page)
Standard MLA 8th edition formatting and documentation
Accurate Works Cited page with correctly documented sources
Required 4 sources used: one primary & three scholarly from the online library databases.
No more than 15% source match (not including the Works Cited page)
Use this link to access the TCC online library databases: http://lib-serv.tccd.edu/voyager/databases/titles
Clearly developed argumentative based thesis statement establishing a relevant social issue
A clear and thorough explanation of the social issue, necessary background info about the author, in-depth analysis of the story that uses a variety of elements of fiction including theme to fully develop the argument, all of which must pertain to the social issue you have selected
Academic, formal writing style, third person point-of-view, proper grammar, correct and varied sentence structure