Write an analysis of how these stereotypes likely formed and how they likely negative impact the culture of this group.

first essay will be an analysis of how indigenous people in America are stereotyped and how these media representations both create and reinforce prejudices towards these groups. You’ve already seen multiple examples in this Module to help you begin thinking about stereotyping and it’s harmful effects. It is imperative that you’ve watched the Pocahontas films as well as the videos under “Stereotypes” because you will need to reference them in your essay.Assignment RequirementsChoose 2-4 specific media examples such as television shows, other movies besides Pocahontas, actual products/retail items, tourist destinations, etc. to analyze.
Also, you may include your own personal thoughts about this media.
You may use no other resources other than our class material and the examples you choose to analyze. This is your analysis!
Make sure to include images and/or links to the media unless the examples are films or television programs (I’ll know what they are as you’ll list them in the essay as well as the Works Cited page).
MLA format must be used including intext citations for any direct quotes or paraphrased information as well as a Works Cited page.
Length Requirement: 1,200-1,500 words and can be single or double-spaced. Please also make sure to use a readable font (12-point Times Roman Numeral preferred).