Write a GRADUATE LEVEL 1700 word Research Paper on the DRNC Case Scenario (Attached separately) to determine the subject’s competency to stand trial and criminal responsibility as a result of the criminal charges pending against him in criminal court.

The competency to stand trial and criminal responsibility should be submitted as two separate reports. In each report, indicate the following: (1) What additional information is needed, (2) What standard will be used to make the determination, (3) What assessment procedures will be used, and (4) Indicate the likely recommendation to the court regarding the psychological issue (competency to stand trial and criminal responsibility). Lastly, prepare a written report back to the court that details the recommended course of action in regards to this case. The paper must go beyond the obvious and have in-depth information. The paper must be scholarly written and must strictly follow the current American Psychological Association (APA) format and style of writing. The paper MUST BE PROPERLY CITED and include a COVER PAGE, ABSTRACT, DISCUSSION, CONCLUSION and REFERENCES. The paper must include FOUR SCHOLARLY SOURCES/REFERENCES. Remember all scholarly sources/resources including, but not limited to, journals, magazines, and/or books must be properly cited using APA style.