Write a 5 – 7 paragraph submission demonstrating practical and conceptual understandings of culture and how these constructs and influence communication in the global and/or domestic contexts of the film.

Use critical thinking skills
Articulate diversity in the manner by which people communicate.

FILM TO WATCH (scroll towards the bottom of the page)
https://documentarystorm.com/life-in-a-day/Prepare:Watch film.
Actively and thoughtfully reflect on the ideas of culture in the film.

Post:Compare and contrast your personal beliefs on intercultural communication with those seen in the films.Use at least 3 key terms from the textbook and cite them in-text and as a reference section using APA format.
My suggestion is to break the paper down into the following design:Paragraph 1: Talk briefly about the film and the key ideas you will be touching upon
Paragraphs 2 – 3: Discuss intercultural communication within one aspect of the film and how that helps you grow as a responsible intercultural communication personally, interpersonally, socially and globally. Perhaps draw on some research or the textbook to support these ideas.
Paragraph 4: Link the film directly back to key ideas in the books and research
Paragraph 5: ConclusionHelpful Hints One of the most popular videos is on YouTube
APA In Text Citations: https://youtu.be/fLlLIYxeGlsOne of the most popular websites is Purdue: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/The journal entry should contain well-focused and well-developed ideas. The key idea is simply to try and choose concepts from the textbook that accurately link intercultural communication and what you are viewing in the film. Each film will provide a critical window into the larger cultural and social communication themes that underlie global levels of intercultural communication.Grading CriteriaI will be collecting your typed answer in class.
Check the course calendar for when this is due.Points
PossibleThe complexity of intercultural communication was recognized and addressed using a scholarly voice around the assigned topic, and key ideas of how this knowledge feeds into personal, interpersonal, social and global responsibility.