Write a 3 page paper following the guidelines below. Paper is based on Advocacy Activity Proposal which is attached to the order. Describe how you scanned the environment to select an area where existing policy has created barriers for individuals, groups, or communities through the process of nuanced analysis.

Discuss how you formulated a plan to address the needed advocacy; be sure to include any collaboration with individuals, colleagues, groups, or communities. Summarize the advocacy activity, being explicit about any interactions with colleagues, clients, or the community during the process. Reflect on what you learned about advocacy. What sparked your interest in this topic? Did you find the experience challenging, rewarding, easier than you thought it would be? How might you do things differently next time? Submission requires a scholarly level of writing that includes cited research to back up assertions, especially with regard to potential treatment modalities. Scholarly writing in the School of Social Work requires the accurate use of APA 6th Edition style. An abstract is not required for this assignment.