Write a 2-3 page paper, including the following: 1. A description of the condition (Asthma) and its health impact.2. Benefits of managing lifestyle factors for promoting healthy living with this condition (be specific).

The purpose of this paper is to raise your awareness of the interaction of Asthma and lifestyle factors as well as to sensitize you to the importance of working in conjunction with a clients health care provider when such conditions are present. Lifestyle factors include stress management, mindfulness, nutrition and exercise.3. Issues or cautions to be aware of in supporting a wellness coaching client with this condition in implementing nutrition and/or exercise plans (be specific).4. How you would address these concerns in wellness coaching with a client having this condition (be specific).5. How you would collaborate with a doctor or other professional, if at all, in working with the client (be specific).6. Include a statement relating coaching in this circumstance to a pertinent specific aspect of the ICF Code of Ethics or ICF Core Competencies. (address ethics or competencies in relation to coaching a client with asthma).