With all of the gun violence in America, school shootings, drive-by shootings, gang violence, etc., do we, as a nation, need to revisit the Second Amendment? Does each individual American still have the right to bear arms? Write and present a speech taking one side of the argument.

Write and present a 5-8 minute speech on one of the following topics. Your speech should be written in complete sentences, and in a manner in which someone else could present the speech for you if you could not. You will also be required to create a PowerPoint presentation for your speech.Your speech should reference 5-8 sources in regards to your chosen topic. MLA work cited page should be included with documentation given to instructor prior to speech.
** Use ethos, pathos, and logos in your speech without saying that you are using ethos, pathos, and logos

*Topic 2 – Abortion
Is a baby a life before it is born? If so, does the baby have rights? Does a woman, or a man, have the right to terminate a pregnancy? If so, at what stage is it no longer morally or ethically right to abort a baby? Write and present a speech taking one side of the argument.
*Topic 3 – Prostitution
Prostitution is often called the world’s, oldest profession. Is prostitution truly a profession? Should prostitution be legal? If so, what should be the parameters of that legalization?
*Topic 4 – Capital Punishment
In recent news, a man associated with a drug cartel was prosecuted in San Antonio, Texas for heinously dismembering a 6 year old girl while her parents were made to watch. Should a crime like this deserve capital punishment? Take one side of the argument, arguing for or against capital punishment, and the scope of human rights and value.