While you can certainly mention the Shahabi LCA paper you will probably find most papers that discuss environmental impacts discuss energy requirements. You may be find papers that show reductions in chemical outputs.

LITERATURE REVIEW Introduction Global water scarcity and growth of desalination (brief) Emergence of RO membrane based system (brief) Types of intakes available Why (briefly) there has been uptake of subsurface intakes Types of Subsurface Intake Describe all the types as per your Feasibility investigation and determination Draw your own picture schematics, we cant rely on others pictures for your review unless we can get permission to reuse. Advantages and disadvantages of each Geology Requirements Construction Requirements/Methods Water Quality Issues Algal blooms and dust storms/turbidity Degree of filtration expected through various subsurface intakes and improvement in water quality Simplification of pretreatment systems (generally, dont quote value numbers in reduction of energy or chemicals that is later) Changes in filtration and water quality over time Subsurface Impacts on Water Temperature and Energy Use Typical decrease in temperature vs depth beneath subsurface (may be difficult to find but could be worth while dont limit to seawater similar behaviour in lakes etc) Relationship of temperature to viscosity Relationship of viscosity to energy use through an RO membrane Methods of overcoming this disadvantage through combined site integration with power plants Life Cycle Costs (There may not be a whole lot for this section) Environmental Impacts and Benefits