Which quadrant does your chosen company fit within? What grand strategy (or strategies) would you choose? Why?

Visit the following page: http://www.slideshare.net/garyma_sharma/popular-strategy-diagrams and read about the Grand Strategy Selection Matrix, or GSSM.Note: The GSSM should not be confused with the Grand Strategy Matrix (GSM) (http://mba-lectures.com/management/strategic-management/1129/grand-strategy-matrix.html) which we will explore further in Week 2 of this Discussion (see below). (be sure that you take note of the differences in the X and Y axes of both tools).Then, apply the Grand Strategy Selection Matrix to Delta Airlines, discussing the rationale for your choice of:Overcome weaknesses vs. maximize strengths; and
Direction of resources (i.e., internally vs. externally focused).

Now, apply the GSM to your organization. Is your choice of grand strategy different from the results from your use of the GSSM (in Week 1 above)? Discuss.