Which of the ten lies is the most destructive? Why?2.) Choose one type of lie and explain how people use it in todays culture. Are there benefits to this type of lie, or does it only erode trust in our culture

Please choose one of the following questions for your response on “The Ways We Lie.” Write 250-300 words (one strong body paragraph) and use the correct MLA heading. Use Focus, Context, Evidence, and Analysis for body paragraph organization (the Analytical method from the textbook). Do not use any first or second person pronouns (I, you) in your response and carefully proofread for grammar and mechanics errors.NOTE: Additional requirements: Use at least one direct quotation from the Ericsson essay. Failure to use a direct quote will reduce the grade by half. Please use MLA in-text citations to integrate the source quote into your response: signal phrase, direct quote, parenthetical notation.1.) ?3.) Ericsson writes, its not easy to entirely eliminate lies from our lives (480). Should we completely eliminate lies from our culture, or are some lies permissible?4.) Examine Ericsson’s use of one rhetorical appeal (ethos, pathos, logos) in her essay. What examples are there of the appeal in the text and how does the appeal work in her rhetorical situation?*Please see additional files for Ericsson essay and relevant information.