What was the story about and where was it located? How hard was it to find? Who is most likely to view/read it? Who were the authors? Who was the targeted audience?

This assessment asks you to review 3 media articles (from digital and/ or hard copies of films/ TV shows/ news reports/ documentary/ YouTube sources) that have a global focus and deal with social issues. After summarising what the main issues were and how they were presented and discussed, reflect on the role of social work and social workers and what, if anything, the profession and its workers could do or did to help this situation. Students should include the following information in their review of media stories (you can also set your own criteria): What was the aim of doing/ presenting this story? What is the assumed relationship between the subject(s), the presenter/writer, and the viewer/reader? Who has the power to represent, who is doing the gazing, at whom/what, and what are the implicit power issues? What and who was missing from these accounts, what was left unsaid, and who was left unseen/unheard? Who are the owners of the media outlets of the material researched (e.g. Murdoch or Fairfax press, an NGO, etc). What could/ did social work contribute to the issues?