What type of art does it exhibit? Modern Art, Craft, Contemporary Art, Regional Art? What type of art does it collect?

Book :Zelanski and Fisher. The Art of Seeing, Seventh ed., or 8th edition Full Instructions for the Final Paper (copied from the rtf file attached above) Art Museum Report Visit two art museums of your choice. Write about two things: your experience of visiting the museum itself, and your analysis of an exhibit and artwork on display. The museum assignment is intended to get you into an art museum, let you put what you have learned about formal analysis, materials, techniques, and context to work and help you think about how works of art are presented. Write a report for each of the two museums you visit. Include the name, location, and date of your visit. Include information on the following: The Art Museum What type of museum is it? Where is the museum situated? Urban, rural, college/university? Is it near other museums? What was your experience in getting to the museum? Did you take the train to NYC? Drive out to Canajoharie? Take the subway to Brooklyn? Is this your first visit to this museum? You may refer to the mission statement on the museums website but be sure to properly cite direct quotations from any written material. The Exterior. Describe both the buildings exterior and its setting. Refer to the chapter on Architecture for vocabulary to describe the building. What materials were used in the construction of the building? Take some photographs of the building, if possible. How is it situated in the landscape/cityscape? Use adjectives to describe the setting: imposing, modest, etc. The Interior. Describe the general layout of the museum. Does it have smaller galleries within the museum, or is it one large space? How is the artwork organized? By theme, by origin, by date? How are the galleries designed? Describe the interior design wall color, floor material, etc? What adjectives would you use to describe the space warm, cool, inviting, impersonal, intimidating, etc. The Exhibit Its likely that there will be more than one exhibit on display. Look at as much art as you have time for but choose just one exhibit to describe in depth. Is this an exhibit from the museums permanent collection? Was it organized by the museums own staff or is it a traveling exhibit? Where did the artwork come from? Is it on loan from other institutions or collectors? What is the title of the exhibit? What is the theme of the exhibit? How is the exhibit organized and installed? What is the general atmosphere of the exhibition? How are objects displayed? What are the visual cues that move you through the show? How important (or useful) is the wall text in understanding the breadth and depth of the art? Does the exhibit relate to something you have studied in class? Your report may include comments on the quality of presentation you encounter: Are the exhibits explained effectively? Are personnel well informed? Is the facility well designed? Art Let your observations naturally lead you to three works of art youd like to discuss that epitomize the theme of the exhibit. First identify each work by its label information: title and accession number, date, and the material from which it was made. Make notes on the information in the exhibit label or catalog, which may be helpful when you write the report. Connect what you see to the course. Classify and assess the three objects youve chosen by creatively comparing and contrasting them with each other. Choose wisely so that you dont have to struggle in order to find likes or differences between the two. Explain the unique qualities of each object. Include a physical description of the works that considers the subject, size, shape, composition, use of color and textures, materials, any areas of special interest. This part will be very similar to the paper you wrote for the sculpture assignment. Refer back to Chapter Two and Three for vocabulary to discuss formal elements and organizing principles of design. The museum report is not a research paper. You should be able to write it using what you have learned in class and what the exhibition text presents. If you find yourself depending on an exhibition pamphlet or label, note that by stating something like, As the exhibition pamphlet indicates or, according to the label text accompanying the work titled .. If you do any additional research, you must include a list of references and proper citations (footnotes or endnotes). Suggestions: Be certain that you know how to find the museum you have chosen, that you know what the parking and admission requirements will be, and that you have allowed sufficient time–two to three hours–for the visit. A preliminary visit to the organization’s web page will help plan most of this. Although this is more of a creative writing assignment than a scholarly paper,?please use proper essay format (include an introduction, body, and conclusion paragraph).?You may include photos or video of the works you’ve chosen (if the museum allows photography check the website or at the front desk first!) How many pages? I would estimate, based on all of the questions Ive listed above, that youll probably write 3-4 pages per museum. So lets say between 5-10 pages long. Please make sure the paper is saved in Word .doc or .rtf or pdf format. Most word processing software will allow you to insert photos (your own, or from an online source are both acceptable). If you use a lot of photos, pdf format will be better; it will be a smaller file. Sometimes .doc files with pictures are too big for our email system. A good paper will be turned in on time and it must show that you: 1) visited the museums in person; 2) understand the characteristics of art and architecture; and, 3) have the ability to write a well-organized, spell-checked, grammatical paper.