What policy, program, project, personnel procedure, practice approach or combination are proposed to affect change? What is the overall goal in creating a plan for change?

This assignment actively engages students in exploring strategies for social change. For this project, students will be assigned to small groups (approx 5 students per group). The groups will create a PowerPoint presentation in which they outline a social change project. Students are encouraged to use a creative format to deliver their change efforts – such as video, digital story, a website, digital brochure, or other digital media tool to be distributed via social media or other outlets. Instructions Content of Plan This Social Change Project will identify a social justice issue, the population effected and propose a plan for change. This can be a change in public awareness, public policy, personnel procedure, practice, intervention or prevention program. Identify the problem, population, and arena and provide a brief description of each. Discuss the social justice and human rights issues related to the problem. What impact does the problem/condition have on individuals, families and/or communities? Identify the contextual factors, barriers, resistance that underlies this issue. Identify key participants and systems that will be involved in the change project. Develop a goal, objectives, and activities to achieve the proposed change. How will the change effort be monitored and evaluated? Include a description of the Social Change project in your presentation or, ideally your group will create a video, digital story, website, brochure, or other digital media to describe your project and distribute through social media. Include at least three academic references used for the plan in APA style. Grading Criteria Presentation: Content of plan (75%): Address all components listed above under content of plan. Demonstrate that the plan is well thought out, realistic, and directly related to the advancement of social justice and human rights. Cite theoretical sources and provide a reference slide. Visual/Structural quality of plan (25%): Plan is well-organized and clearly presented in a manner that would enable someone to easily understand and implement it. Papers should be written in APA style format, which includes title page and reference page (not included in page count), headings, in-text citations, and scholarly tone. Papers should be free from spelling and grammar errors. Papers should include at least three scholarly sources, including the course textbook(Reading for Diversity and Social Justice) and peer-reviewed journal articles.