What lifestyle changes do you need to make in order to prevent any diseases seen in your family. What have you read or researched that would benefit your family members and yourself?

Family History Term Paper:This assignment is required in the KINE 1111 course and must be at least 25% of the grade.1. Select 2 family members and complete a family history interview/assessment.Before you start interviewing, come up with open-minded family focused questions. Some areas that you will explore in this health history will be:nutrition/dietary practices,smoking/drinking/illegal and prescription drug use,sleep/rest patterns,elimination schedule (daily, weekly, etc.), exercise/activity practices,stress management,self-image, etc.Write a detailed 3 page report and include the information you found from both family members. Note similarities and differences between the two family members. Note any similarities you share with these family members. Give a short definition of any diagnosed health condition that your family members have. Include information on risk factors for hypokinetic disease. Use proper grammar, spelling, sentence structure, capitalization, and punctuation. Do not give names, just relationships to you and each other. This should be a thorough written report, typed, double spaced, using Arial font size 12 with margins no greater than 1.25. The written report should be a minimum of 3 pages. Any paper that is shorter than 3 full pages will receive point deductions.The paper should be written as a report and not just answers under the questions.