What is your concept of privacy? How important is it? What were the key concepts from each of the assigned readings/viewing? Any surprises?

After reading and viewing the material in this module, participate in a discussion about Privacy in the Digital Age. Discuss the material in Dahlia Lithwick’s lecture, Bruce Schneier’s blogs and the “Protecting Public Anonymity” article by answering the following questions: Your response should be an essay of at least 150 words. Also comment on threads initiated by 2 (two) other classmates. Replies should be at least 40 words in length. BE SURE TO REFERENCE CONCEPTS AND SPECIFICS FROM THE COURSE MATERIALS IN BOTH YOUR THREAD AND YOUR REPLIES. You may also vote for posts you feel are particularly good by selecting the plus sign (+) in the upper left-hand corner next to a thread or a reply. After the Discussion has been graded, the rubric may be seen in Class Progress which is under Course Materials in the Brightspace navigation bar.