What did you identify as the specific purpose of the speech from the video? Do you agree that it is important to keep a general purpose in mind as you develop a speech? Why or why not?

In this assignment, you will analyze the purpose and thesis of a speech on video. Please watch the video “Working Backward to Solve Problems.”(TEDEducation. YouTube. TED, 11 Mar. 2013. Web. 21 July 2017.)
After watching the video, in a new Word document, write a response to each of the following questions:

Do you believe the speaker in the video clearly stated his thesis for the speech? Why or why not? Can you restate the thesis in your own words?
Why is it important to have a clearly stated thesis for your audience? What are the consequences of not stating your thesis clearly (or of not having a thesis at all)?
In what ways did the speaker in the video consider the audience in stating his thesis? Were there any ways the speaker could have done a better job? Explain.
What is at least one way you think this speech could have been improved? Explain.