What connections did you discover that helped to ground your Anchor statement? How did your General Business Problem incorporate any key learning outcomes for the course?

Write a two-page assignment citing a minimum of three resources addressing the process of creating a Doctoral Study Problem Statement enables you, as an independent scholar, to develop a concise but comprehensive understanding of the business problem being examined. In addition, by sharing your experience with colleagues, you can gain further insight into the process of becoming a successful doctoral independent scholar and strategic planner. For this Discussion, you will apply the tools and information from this course to support the development of your Doctoral Study Problem Statement. To prepare for this Discussion, consider the research you have already done for your ( 82105112) Doctoral Study Problem Statement in federal government fraud waste and abuse, which you submitted for this weeks Assignment, and think about how your perspective as an independent scholar has evolved during this course. By Day 5 Post an application of strategic planning concepts to professional and academic contexts. Your application should include answers to the following: What concepts did you find that changed the way you developed your Hook statement? How will this course content help you refine your Specific Business Problem? Be sure to support your work with a minimum of two specific citations from this weeks Learning Resources and at least one additional scholarly source.