What are status hierarchies? Interview someone to ascertain their subjective sense of status position. How do they conceive of their social status or position in the social heirachy (where they believe their status to be)?

Do they measure their status in terms of social class? Take the opportunity to ask them about their sense of the class system including the extent of inequality and it’s causes.
Does their sense of social positioning refer to ethnic stratification?Elaborate.
How “objective” is their “subjectivity” experienced sense of status?
To what extent is their status relative in the sense that is measure against specific individual and group others?
Make sure this paper is 12pt font and doubled spaced, Don’t do plagerism. If it’s not a complete 2 pages that is fine. Use openstax as a source to help you. I don’t expect you to actually interview someone , I’ll be using my cousin who’s a correction officer as an example so so try to do this paper based on your perspective of his position.