Was Brandon’s email requesting the change in location a counter-offer? Why or why not?

Three days go by and Brandon hasn’t gotten a response to his question. But he did receive an offer from a second marketing firm. The second offer was for $42,000 and needed a response within the next 48 hours.Brandon reads over the job posting for the job at StartUp Crunch, which indicates that the pay range is between $40,000-50,000. Although this posting is the one Brandon responded to it is still prominently featured on the StartUp Crunch’ employment page. Brandon figures he will receive more compensation if he stays with the StartUp Crunch position so he declines the second offer.Brandon meets with HR without hearing from the President. Human Resources provides a job letter to Brandon which includes the following two statements:Salary: $38,000Location: Palo Alto, Ca Please answer the following:1)2) Was the salary range in the job posting fraud or misrepresentation? Why or why not?