Using the terms, concepts, and theories learned in this course, write a 5 page (Arial or Times New Roman 12 pitch font with double-spaced lines) essay focusing on one specific Human Resource topic that we have studied over the past 7 weeks.

Assignment Instructions
In this course, we look at a variety of different human resource theories and styles. We also look at the different kinds of perspectives on ethical issues and how they fit into HRM. You are required to write a paper on a HRM topic. You will choose the topic you are most interested in. Choose a topic, and expand on it.
Some examples are given below, but it is recommended that you choose to write on a topic you have already encountered or you have thought about previously. Of necessity, the instructions for this assignment are somewhat vague. Each student will have to explore different resources and will need to develop an individual approach to the subject.
Identify, specifically, the strengths of your topic and what some weaknesses are. Drawing on various sources, explain the details of your topic. Assume I know nothing about this topic and share your research on it with me. Why is it important? What have you learned? What are the Pros and Cons? When would this be used? What is the history on this topic?

Look at “all” of the information below. Below is the format to follow for every written assignment. If the written assignment calls for three full pages, please write three full pages. If you write two pages, you have already lost 1/3 of your grade. It is important to follow the instructions. And if you need clarification, please contact me. I will always provide examples or guidance for you to succeed. This is the Format to use for every written assignment.
Outline for Every Written Assignment: Follow This Format For The Entire Class. The Only Thing That Will Change Is: Length of Paper And Number Of “In-text” Sources That You Are required To Use.
Remember your paper must include (all in proper APA 6th edition format):
Double Spaced
Title Page
Introduction: Engage me in the beginning, encourage me to become connected to your document. I read 20- 30 papers a week. I want you to start your analysis with an attention grabber.
Main Body: This assignment will be 5 total pages. Title Page, Abstract and Reference Page do not count as a page.
Conclusion: Make sure you introduce the close. Example: In ending, In concluding, The research has shown, In summarizing. This indicates you are wrapping up your paper. The conclusion wraps up the Main Body in a clear and concise manner with a reference. This is not one sentence. The ending, wraps up the “Main Body” of your paper. What did you prove? What does the research indicate? This should be at “Least” one paragraph with a reference that cements your ending.
Reference Page
Use 4 “in-text” references for this assignment ( Use Peer- reviewed journal article through the online library)
(Google Scholar is a great source)
Do not use wikipedia or other online sources as a reference, these are not valid research sources
Do not list the questions in your paper, incorporate them into the assignment
I recommend using sub-headings in your analysis. It clearly indicates where you start and stop each section of your paper. It also makes it easier to grade and read.
Please contact me, if you have any questions about assignment.
Make sure you “meet” all of the requirements to receive full credit for assignment.