Substance Abuse and Treatment with Incarcerated Individuals

The Special Population Project Research Report: Incarcerated Individuals The purpose of this report is to investigate and report on both the background and current epidemiology of, and treatment issues and methods for, your identified population (Incarcerated Individuals). What exactly are the treatment needs of this population? Are those treatment needs being met? This section of the project will have a brief introduction of your topic and one to two pages for each of the topics detailed below. The report will be no more than seven pages excluding reference page and appendix. Details Research and document, with references in APA format, in your report the following: How are you defining the population you are addressing? Epidemiology What substances are currently being abused by this population? Has this been consistent historically? Have there been differences over time? Are there use trends over time? Are there socioeconomic or regional differences within the population? Are there other unique problems associated with substance abuse in this population? Treatment What research has been done on treatment of this population? What methods used with this population are described or documented in the literature? Are there unique features of this population which warrant unique methods or location of treatment?