Select only those indicators and websites that are germane to your selected start up company and are in the industry (i.e. please do not use manufacturing data for a retail business).

Based on the attached Economic Indicators and Web Resources, provide a detailed plan of what indicators and web resources would be used to develop a comprehensive forecast for a new start up business: Les Mills Born To Move (Australia). Make sure you provide source data and analysis to support your forecast, including cited reference, (see APA) and offer at least 6 good reasons in justifying your projections. Outline all of your work using the ESSAY FORMAT and provide at least 10 references. Your responses must be comprehensive, using terminology and concepts presented in the primary textbook found here: as well as supplementary resources. Assignment Outcomes Summarize fundamentals of managerial economic theory. Identify business and consumer objectives. Apply marginal analysis to determine solutions to optimization problems. Apply sensitivity analyses in business decisions by using concept of elasticity. Support the use of econometric tools to analyze data, make forecasts, and present results. Identify how group and individual decisions may differ under different market structures.