search online and select a single-page advertisement (it cannot be a commercial, video, magazine cover, or poster) and analyze it in MLA style.

2. The first page of your essay will be just the copy/pasted ad itself. You will then write an intro paragraph, four body paragraphs, and a conclusion paragraph, for a total of six paragraphs. 3. Instructions: First, search Google or another engine for a print advertisement that intrigues you. Paste that compelling advertisement onto a Word document. Pick an image you can work with. It will be your first page. You may not use a video–it must be a single-page print ad. Use MLA format. (We’ll discuss MLA vs. APA format in greater depth later.) Font is Times New Roman size 12. Entire essay should be double-spaced but have no extra spaces aside from that. Standard 1″ margins on all sides.