Research Art Paper

Your essays can be about any pieces available in your textbook. Alternatively, if you prefer to write an analysis on another piece of art not in your textbook, you are welcome to do so. For the written analysis, the student must employ at least three of the following modes of analysis (found on page 154 from a different text) to discuss their chosen art piece: iconographic, biographical, feminist, contextual, psychological, and formal analysis. You are welcome to use more than three modes of analysis if you would like. The important aspect to focus on is that it is not about the quantity of pages written but rather the quality and relevance researched in relation to the specific artwork chosen. If you cannot use at least 3 modes of analyses with your chosen artwork, then pick another artwork. This is important as with certain artworks, you may find it difficult to find enough resources. If you are unable to find enough resources, then find a different piece to write about where enough references are available. Length of written analysis should be at least 2-full pages typed and double-spaced using a font size of 12 point in a WORD document. Include a color image (on a separate sheet of paper attached to your essay) of the artwork including the artists name, title, year, media, dimensions and location of the artwork being analyzed in your written essay. You need to cite at least 3 different resources that you used in your essay. When finding resources to cite, do not cite Wikipedia or any other site that is not based within solid research. Remember, anyone can write about anything but what you need to keep in mind is who is the person or entity that wrote the article. What are their credentials? I suggest to you all to have your rough drafts read and revised by at least 2 other people. Sometimes what we are communicating through written word may be clear to ourselves as we are the authors but that does not necessarily mean that another understands what you are trying to communicate. Remember to add a Bibliography using the correct citation format at the end of your analysis as well as in-text citations throughout your essays a