Process monitoring and information integrations systems for small manufacturing firms in the UK

Project Description The UK manufacturing industry employs 2.7m people, contributes to 10% of the countrys Gross Value Added (GVA), accounts for 45% of the UK export, and provides 14% of business investments.. In the UK, over 99% of businesses are Small or Medium Sized businesses (5.49 million); and most of the last years investment in the British small manufacturing firms had been done to acquire the right enterprise resource planning (ERP) and process monitoring services. This project aims to design, develop and verify a free-source and fully integrated and automated ERP and Process Monitoring software for small UK manufacturing firms, in line with governments plan to make manufacturing sector more efficient and autonomous in the country. This project will in line with the factory of future, Industry 4.0 and digital manufacturing schemes. This should be between 2,500 words, include an outline of your research interests, your initial thoughts about the topic, references to previous work, the methodology and general approach you wish to take.