Power and politics – what role are these playing in the organization, especially within the top management team?

Research this subject and analyze the case study with at least two scholarly peer reviewed sources, professional journal, or peer-reviewed publication and determine: o the issue o a perspective o recommendations In this assignment, you are acting as a part of a consulting team sent to assess and help an organization. Your object is to look objectively at all of the information, then decide what is not working, and make a recommendation of how to improve.When writing the paper, your interpretation of facts, statements, etc., should be reasonable and objective; don’t rely on generalizations and platitudes. Avoid presenting a one-sided argument that excludes factors not favorable to your conclusions. Above all, find references to support your positions! You should state the theoretical model being used to analyze each issue, then identify the key issues and problems. II. Critical Thinking and Levels of Analysis 1. Complexity of Ideas a. Ideas demonstrate careful, nuanced, and original understanding of the topic b. Analysis of the topic offers information in a new, surprising, and convincing ways 2. Evidence a. Information cited offers credible, varied, and sufficient details b. Compelling research is presented in a sophisticated manner c. Clear and concise summary/conclusion III. Writing Quality/Mechanics 1. Grammar Mechanics a. Writing uses logical sequencing, clear statements, and transitions between ideas b. Ideas and concepts are explained clearly using scholarly terminology. c. Writing is free of grammatical, spelling, punctuation, and typographical errors and meets graduate level expectations 2. APA a. Substantial (at least seven) unique and relevant reference sources; three of the references are within the last five years b. APA style is used throughout the paper (e.g., cover/title page, headings, spacing, citations, reference page) c. Paper is a WORD document and formatted with a cover page that includes a running head and authors