Outline the history of the gang, their geographical location of operations, their primary criminal activities, their membership qualifications, any identifying marks, signs, patches, “colors” or tattoos they typically display and a description of the gang’s most notorious criminal act.

W7 Assignment – Gang StudyBackground InformationSelect one of the criminal gangs listed below and conduct research pertaining to the organization. Finally outline what steps, based on this week’s studies, you would take as a law enforcement official in the gang’s area of operation to control the gang you chose.BloodsMara Salvatrucha (aka MS-13)18th Street GangMongolsNuestra FamiliaMexican MafiaSicilian Cosa Nostra (Mafia)Aryan BrotherhoodThe Latin KingsHells AngelsCripsPagansOutlawsBandidosWhite Power Skinhead Hammerskins InstructionsThis document should simulate a gang file as described in this weeks textbook chapters. This report must be at least 3 pages of written text.The entire paper must be your original work.I want the gang file to be on CRIPS.