On a 0% to 100% scale what portion of the process lends itself to automation?

This assignment consists of – selecting an organisation that you will then – identify, map, analyse, and – put forward suggestions for the improvement of one of its Business Processes. The Business Process boundaries should be clearly defined and Relationship and Cross-functional maps produced; these maps should be explicitly referred to during the analysis phase. During the analysis phase careful consideration should be given to which parts of the process could be improved or simplified (think of contemporary technologies and how these might have adopted or adapted to suit). The analysis should also identify those portions of the Business Process that lend themselves to automation and those do not. Clearly analyse this dichotomy and explain why it exists. For those portions of the Business Process where human cognitive intervention is needed rationalise at what level of abstraction (away from the operational aspects) the Business Process is operating at (for example, think of the emergency room in a hospital, they have very well thought out processes in place but the needs of each patient differ).Finally, consider the Business Process resilience to abuse (consider for example how the Business Process could lead to unethical or immoral outcomes).