o What type of business or industry is it? Where is the business located? How long has the organization been in business?

Through the completion of a three-part Training Plan Project, you will walk through the process of creating a training plan that an organization can use to train its workforce. First, you will interpret the strategic issues of human resource planning that shape and guide an organizations human resource (HR) management program, to help the organization reach its goals. You will also discuss the process of constructing a needs assessment that includes all person, tasks, and organizational elements. Next, you will identify various learning styles theories and their impact on transfer of training. You will also explore various training tools and methods and determine the use of appropriate training tools and methods for the specific training outcomes. Finally, you will identify outcomes used to evaluate a training program and determine how you will specifically evaluate the outcome of the training. Throughout, you will ensure that all training in in compliance with EOE.

Part I: Strategic Training & Needs Assessment

(150-200 words) Describe your selected company. In the description, include such factors as but not limited to:

o What type of product or service does it provide?
o How large is the workforce?
(300-400 words) Linking strategy to training.
o Identify three organizational strategies.
o Determine the training outcomes needed to implement those strategies.
o Define the types of training activities needed.
(450-500 words) Training Needs Assessment
o Analysis of training needs discuss how you will assess at each of the three sources: organization, job/task, and individual.
o Prepare a gap analysis of where the organization needs to be compared to where it is today.
o Develop training objectives and priorities based on your gap analysis. There are three areas for possible training focus knowledge, skill, and attitude.