In what ways does Nora think that she and Torvald do NOT have her “most wonderful thing”? -Does the play suggest that women must leave their oppressive husbands or lovers in order to gain their independence and selfhood?

After reading A Doll’s House, choose one topic from the list below to write about. If you want to use a topic other than these, given below for -At the close of Act II and in Act III, Nora speaks several times of her “most wonderful thing of all.” What is her “most wonderful thing”?-When audiences first saw A Doll’s House on stage, they were shocked that Nora leaves her husband at the end of the play. Today, many audiences are shocked when they realize that Nora also abandons her children at the end of the play. The author of the play, however, seems to support the idea that Nora should leave her children with her husband. What in suggests to you that Ibsen feels Nora must leave her children behind in order to be a better person and have the independence that she needs to grow as a woman and a person? -Does Nora come to discover that the greatest and most damaging lies are the lies that she tells herself? What leads you to this conclusion?