In a written response of one to three pages, explain in detail what the Humanities are and how they influence culture?

HumanitiesIdentify key traditions and ideas influencing our culture.For this assessment task, you will be required to outline how the study of Humanities enables us to learn more about how traditions and ideas influence culture. In modern times, the Humanities has come to encompass a large variety of topics, all of which reference back to culture in various aspects. The study of the Humanities is essentially a study of what makes us human. While broad in scope, its focus on critical thinking, analyzing, and the ability to reflect on one’s place in the larger narrative of humankind.Identify key traditions and ideas influencing our culture.

-Defines what the Humanities are in detail.-Areas of Study
-Includes all the subjects the Humanities covers and lists many examples of each.-Why Study Humanities?
-Explains in detail why it is important to study Humanities.-How Art Influences Culture
Explains in detail how art influences culture and provides many specific examples.How
Culture Influences ArtExplains in detail how culture influences art and provides many specific examples.