If falsified documentation is submitted, you will be referred to the office of the vice president for student affairs for disciplinary actions.B. What plan do you have for meeting requirements of probation if you are reinstated?

1. You must submit a typed appeal statement answering the following two questions. Your appeal statement responses must be labeled A and B. Appeal statements not typed or labeled will be returned.A. What were the extenuating circumstances that prevented you from meeting the probationary requirement of a 2.25 semester GPA in the spring 2018 semester?The reasons given in your response must be supported with official , semester specific, dated documentation that s not returnable, but will be held in strict confidence. ( The Ussc may accept as documentation, third party notarized verification of the events only when official documentation may not possible.) Failure to submit documentation may result in denial of this appeal. All documentation is kept confidential, however, be aware that any supporting documentation is submitted to the USSC is subject to verification at USSC’s discretion.