identify your policy statement and develop a compelling argument for a policy change.

The presentation will identify determinants of your policy such as your stakeholders, interest groups, problem statement, the target population, the rationale for change, financial and political feasibility, and desired outcomes you foresee of the policy change. Legislation must be mentioned that may also be supportive of your policy’s intention. The content of your policy issue is extremely important. Know the background of your issue and use affirmative language reflective of nursing practice. Consider the buzz words used in politics, also known as the lawmakers lingo. this is the policy for the assignment above Create a policy that triages every admit to your Oncology unit in order to insure they are cohorted with someone that doesn’t have an existing infection or history of. You’ll need to use evidence-based research for this but in the long run it should help prevent infection spread and decrease hospital length of stay. (That’s the theory behind it). please answer each questions separately and pay close intention to what the teacher ask to do.