Identify the life stage that Bernice is in and identify all of the underlined factors as either physical, cognitive, or socioemotional processes of development.

PSYC2314 Written Exam 1
Use the information provided in the textbook to complete the following questions. Be sure to provide thorough responses in grammatically correct sentences, and keep the original question text in your document. Make reference to specific concepts, theories, and terms as needed.
Differentiate your responses from the questions with bold or italic font.
Do not copy any information directly from the textbook or any other sources.
1. Bernice is 42 years old and a single parent. She recently moved into a new apartment and started college. She is Hispanic and suffers from diabetes. She is pregnant and also overweight, mostly due to her diet, which consists of lots of processed foods and fast food. She has full-time employment, and she is valued at her job due to her bilingualism, knowledge of computers and warm personality.2. Jennifer is 38 years old and she drinks alcohol and smokes cigarettes regularly. Jennifer also just learned that she is 8 weeks pregnant. What risk factors are present in Jennifers pregnancy? What are the potential consequences of these risk factors? What are some prenatal diagnostic tests that Jennifer can expect to take in the next month? What information can these prenatal diagnostics provide, and what risks (if any) are associated with these diagnostics? Furthermore, what stage of prenatal development is Jennifers baby currently in and what major developments associated with this stage prenatal development?3. Ashlyn is 5 years old. She loves to draw pictures of her family and have tea parties with her stuffed animals, where she gives them all different voices. Ashlyn also enjoys playing hide and seek with her older sister, Samantha, who is 10 years old, but she is not very good at it. Samantha normally finds her very quickly because Ashlyn tends to hide by covering her eyes. In the last tea party they played together, Samantha tricked Ashlyn by offering her three small cookies in exchange for one large piece of chocolate cake. Ashlyn was excited because she recently learned to count and knows that three is greater than one. Identify the life stage of Ashlyn and Samantha, and using the information given as well as Piagets cognitive development theory, describe Ashlyn and Samanthas cognitive development in terms of stages, cognitive abilities, and cognitive limitations. 4. Brandons friends keep talking about an awesome new video game that he hasnt had a chance to play yet. He feels left out of the conversations, so he asks his parents if they can buy him the game for his birthday. He shows them an online preview of the video game, which contains vulgar language, violence and sexual content. Explain the difference between Authoritative, Authoritarian and Permissive parenting styles, describe how a parent from each style would likely respond to Brandons request, and furthermore explain how these parenting styles can impact child development.