Identify techniques that were used to classify the country you selected as an emerging market.

Review the following scenario:You have been hired as business analyst and have been given a project to research an emerging market. Your manager wants you to select an emerging market from the Business Perspectives for Emerging Markets 20122017 Report for this task. Your manager wants to evaluate your research skills, critical thinking skills, and your ability to analyze data and report on the data with the creation of a PowerPoint presentation that covers the specific requirements of the task (see below):You may refer to the following Web sites for research:The World Factbook
Instructions:Part 1: Overview of the NationProvide the following information about the country you selected:Brief History
People and Society
Part 2: Detailed Analysis of the NationProvide information that covers the following criteria:Examine the components, such as liquidity of debt, equity markets, existence of some form of market exchange, and regulatory body, that explain why the country you selected is considered an emerging market.

Explain at least three factors that would lead an investor to invest in the country you selected as an emerging market.
Develop a PowerPoint presentation with 1012 slides with detailed speaker notes. In addition, include Title, Summary, and Reference slides. Use the countrys flag and colors to best represent the country. Use three or more scholarly resources when preparing your presentation. Apply APA standards to the citation of sources.