Identify policies/guidelines/best practices for patient safety technology and nursing care. Please discuss your findings.

Directions: This assignment requires you to answer the question presented. Be sure to include examples, show synthesis, analysis, and understanding. Your answers should be at least 12 sentences long and supplemented with cited resources. All written work is to be scholarly. Scholarly writing requires the use of a format (APA), the use of credible resources/references (text books and journal articles). The resources (text/journal article/professional or government agency) should be cited within the 12 sentences and listed as a reference on the bottom of your submission. This assignment also requires you to put some of your own thoughts into your answer (this is the synthesis/analysis component). What this means is please do not cite every sentence. Using the readings from the Study Activities, answer the following questions: Paragraph 1: What is Patient Safety Technology? How can technology meet some of the objectives of the Health IT Patient Safety Plan published by the US Department of Health and Human Services. Paragraph 2: Please search the Colleges on-line data base and the internet.