Identify how Bridgets functioning might be altered if she had PTSD. Describe how she might be functioning in school and with her friend

Bridget OBrien is a 25-year-old single white female (5 5 and 130 pounds) who comes to a college health-counseling center for a psychiatric evaluation with the psychiatric nurse practitioner. Bridget discloses during the evaluation that three men sexually assaulted her two months ago at a party on campus. She states that she was too embarrassed to talk to anyone before now, but that her roommate convinced her to come talk to someone in the counseling center. As Bridget talks about the assault, she becomes very emotional and breaks down. She begins to cry uncontrollably. Answer the following questions from your perspective as her psychiatric nurse practitioner, in a paper no longer than four double-spaced pages (not including the reference page), in APA format. 1.You are able to determine from the psychiatric interview that Bridget has PTSD. Describe the symptoms you would have to identify in her to articulate a diagnosis of PTSD. 2.Identify a screening or measurement tool that could be used to identify PTSD in Bridget. Attach a copy of the tool or include a link for the tool. s. 4.Identify the pathophysiology of PTSD symptom presentation. 5.Develop a treatment plan for Bridget. a.What lab tests would be ordered? Provide rationale for your labs.If a diagnosis of PTSD was made, what medication might be prescribed? Provide rationale for your medications. b.For what medication side effects will you provide education? c.What medication might be prescribed for night terrors or nightmares? d.What psychotherapy intervention might you suggest for Bridget? Identify a research- or evidence-based practice article to support the intervention. e.How often would you see Bridget? What outcomes criteria would you use to evaluate your progress with her? 6.From a legal standpoint, is this a reportable incident? If so, to whom would you report it? Does the university need to know about the assault? Would Bridget need to undergo a sexual assault examination? Would you inform her parents of the assault?