Identify a situation in which a danger of suicide was suspected. What was done or not done in response, and what were the reason why.

This class requires a total of two (2) Essay Response assignments. An essay response is a formal report in which you respond to three (3) posed questions in an essay-style response. The specific questions are noted on the module. You will respond to the assigned questions based on the course reading for that week as well as relevant scholarly sources that you find on your own. You must cite 35 scholarly sources. The paper must be in current APA format (see below) and must be 35 pages in length, excluding the cover page and reference page. Be sure to read the directions and the rubric for specific information on how you will be graded before submitting your assignment. Use the rubric as checklist before submitting your work to ensure that all requirements have been met.APA style must be included as follows:Cover pageBody of Report Introduction Question 1 heading and essay response Question 2 heading and essay response Question 3 heading and essay response ConclusionReferences*An abstract is not required for this specific assignment.QUESTIONS1. Why should clinicians and others take seriously even a low-lethality type of suicide attempt? Or are such attempts really just gestures? 2. As usual, we do not want you discussing anyone or any facility by name or even in a potentially identifiable fashion. 3. In sociocultural perspective, identify factors that may contribute to youth suicides in wealthy societies like the United States and Canada.