How does this lead one to dance in between freedom and intersubjectivity throughout their lives?

Sartre discusses how freedom is at the center of our existence, we are still required to acknowledge and consider the consequences of these choices made in the name of freedom. This requires one to explain what freedom and intersubjectivity are. Discuss the following concepts: subjectivity, authenticity, bad faith, good faith, despair, abandonment, anguish, existentialist humanism). Think of your audience as someone who is your age and cognitively capable of understanding this, but who has never read Sartre before. Here are the requirements: -MLA style -3rd person narration (ex: “Sartre states…”, not “I believe”) -Respond to the above prompt in the form of a thesis statement – Integrate quotes from the Meditations into your analysis/explanation, then explain the quote in your own words (situate quote in paper, rather than merely place it in there) – Correctly cite the page number of the quote in MLA format. – Explain concepts with philosophical baggage.