How does reading it help you better understand this era in history?

“Why Study History Though Primary Sources.” From this article and the many sources you have read for your discussion posts so far, you should have a very good understanding of primary sources now. This week I am turning the weekly assignment around to you. Usually, I assign you a primary source document to read and discuss. This week, I want you to find me a primary source document that you think best supports this chapter and tell me why.I have designed this assignment for a very specific reason: We simply cannot study everything I want us to. The way American History classes are set up, I have to teach you about 150+ years of history in just 16 weeks. It is literally impossible for me to go into the detail of each moment in our nation’s history that it deserves. I have done my best – I hand pick interesting angles from each moment of history to highlight and ask you to talk about them. BUT, I also understand that with the choice of focusing on one thing, we have to set aside focusing on many other things equally as interesting.This is where this assignment comes into play: FOLLOW YOUR INTERESTS. Don’t just click on the first link and pick the first source you find because “it’s easy.” Use this assignment to pursue an interest we haven’t talked much about. If you want to learn more about women’s history, find a primary source about women during the Progressive Era. If you want to know about medical or scientific advancements, find something having to do with medicine or science. If you want to know about Irish immigration, find something that discusses Irish diaspora in the late 19th century. It’s all out there – you just have to look for it!In fact, I feel so strongly about this, that if there is something you want to find, but can’t find it, e-mail me and I will help you! I’d so much rather read a paper that you wrote about a source you actually found interesting than 350+ words about the 16th Amendment because it was easy and you didn’t have to think much about it. #seriously #snore #iambeggingyou #thereissomuchmoreoutthereAssignment:
Find a primary source document online that you think best supports Chapter 20, “The Progressives.” This means your source should be dated sometime between 1896 – 1916.
In the submission box: List the title of the document and the web address where you found the source. You MUST include a link to your source! Failure to do with will delay your grade and you will lose points for not following directions.
Write a brief description of the source. Why did you choose it? Why do you feel it best supports this chapter?
Why did you find it interesting?

Here is a list of websites to help you get started in your search for a primary source:
The above list is by no means the only sites you can find good primary sources. These are just a few that I have found to be good places to start. You do not have to choose from the above list. Also, please be very careful when selecting a primary source. Just because it is a page attached to one of the links above does not assure that it is a primary source. Be careful and pay attention!**If you are unsure whether a document is a primary source or not, PLEASE E-MAIL ME. I will be happy to look at it for you and let you know. If you select a document that is not a primary source, you will lose a large amount of points for failing to complete the assignment as asked. It is always better to ask!**As a reminder, I will be looking for a response somewhere between 350-500 words. Anything longer than 500 words is fine, but anything shorter than 350 words that will have points automatically deducted. Always be aware that headings (name, date, class, etc.), titles, and works cited never count in an official word count. Reminder: I do not grade attachments. You MUST copy-and-paste your entry directly into the submission box!

Please remember the class policy on Digital Submissions and as listed in the syllabus: “I run everything through This is not a secret and not something I hide. If any assignment comes up as being more than 25% copied you will automatically get a ZERO. If it happens a second time, you will fail the course.