How does cultural diversity in the workplace affect human resources management in the business environment?

The main objective of the capstone project is to identify the impacts that cultural diversity in the workplace has on human resources management. With emerging trends such as globalization and global competitiveness, as well as innovations, the rise of advanced technologies and the expansion of the internet, the workforce has seen itself considerably evolve throughout the past decades. Part of these changes are represented by the workforce facing cultural diversity: it is crucial for companies to understand those changes in order to be able to adapt; thus meet their strategic obectives, deliver steady performance and strengthen their competitive advantage. This cultutal diversity can be a real challenge for companies which do not know how to approach it, but can also be very rewarding and should be seen as an asset. This capstone project will focus on how human resources management is affected by a culturally diverse workplace. The practical part of the capstone project will be composed of interviews of several companies and questionnaires to employees working in such environment. The combination of theoretical research and the practical application will allow this capstone project to provide a well-rounded framework for companies to develop and improve their human resources management to better adapt to and integrate cultural diversity among their workforce. The capstone project has a strong human resources focus, which is in line with the field of studies of Human Resources Management. Academic literature and sources will be analysed in the literature review section in order to build a strong foundation for the chosen capstone project topic. The core of the capstone project however will consist of interviews and data analysis. MRQ: How does cultural diversity in the workplace affect human resources management in the business environment? RQ 1: What are the benefits and drawbacks of a culturally diverse workplace? RQ 2: What are the core values that characterise efficient and effective human resources management? RQ 3: How can a company with a culturally diverse workplace best implement human resources policies to improve its productivity and its performance? The theoretical framework will consist of literature review and secondary research, using Hofstedes model of cultural dimensions. The body of the capstone project will be an analysis through interviews of several companies environements and how cultural diversity affects their human resources management. Furthermore, questionnaires will be distributed to the employees to find out, which aspects of the human resources management of their company they would like to see improved regarding the management of cultural diversity in the worplace. Employees will be approached to create a clear picture of their expectations. Questions could include: Does the cultural diversity in this company represent an asset or a drawback to you?, Do you think you benefit from this cultural diversity?, What are the inconvenients of such a culturally diverse workplace?, What would you see change and/or improve regarding the human resources management towards the cultural diversity of the workplace?. Based on the findings and results of the research, a strategic plan will be developed. This strategic plan will focus on the human resources aspect in order to provide a well-rounded plan and to cover the criteria required by the capstone project guidelines. Around 80 sources might be used, of what 60% should come from “paper” references (books, journals, articles, etc) and 40% should come from “online” references.