How Do You Know Poster Trainwreck poster By the close of the module, students will be able to: Discuss key elements that align a romantic comedy to one of the Haugue categories.

THIS IS NOT AN ESSAY! This is a 3 part discussion. PLEASE answer in three parts. Using the same movies chosen for each part…movie chosen for discussion 1 should be used for discussion 2 and discussion 3 Module 6: The Romantic Comedy Learning Outcomes for this module include writings for measure of Communication and Thinking in General Education and Items 1 (Describe elements of plot) and 2 (Explain how the film narrative works to resolve conflicts). Engage in insightful discussion of how characters fit the profiles contained in the Hauge discussion. Interpret two comedies in terms of their content aligned with this categorization. Michael Hauge’s Six Categories of Romantic Comedies Page Thee concepts and six categories to enrich your understanding of the Romantic Comedy genre are contained herein. A More Historical Perspective on the Romantic Comedy Page The Romantic Comedy: A Second, More Historical Perspective Perspective Romantic Comedy Film Genre By Rick Lewis Overview of Romantic Comedy A Brief History of Romantic Comedies from THE ATLANTIC URL A five-minute look at a longterm genre in American film. Module 6, Discussion One: The Lewis Perspetive After reading the assignment, identify which of the internal links provided you important relevant information about the genre or the movies included in that genre. What, specifically, did you find useful about that site? Module 6, Discussion Two: Your Choice of Films You must now pick two films to view in completing the next portion of the course. In addition to ANY of the films mentioned in the Hauge discussion, you can also include any one of these as a choice: How Do You Know? The Family Stone Crazy, Stupid Love Roxanne Forgetting Sarah Marshall Trainwreck Chasing Amy Yes, I have seen all of them multiple times (what a waste of a life, eh?), and I would welcome your using any of these selections. Post the name of the two choices you will use in completing this module. Explain why you made each selection. Module 6, Discussion Three: Applying the Hauge Principles and Categories You must explain which of the Hague concepts related to the Comedy Genre can be applied (identify how at least one concept can be applied to each of the two films you selected): Now, apply one of these to each film and explain how the film you selected meets the criteria for that category: 1. Secrets & Lies: The hero is lying to, or withholding information about, someone usually the person [he’s/]shes falling for. When the secret is finally revealed or the lie exposed. 2. The Impostor: The hero is actually pretending to be someone hes not: a society woman in Maid in Manhattan; the President of the United States in Dave; the fiance of a guy in a coma in While You Were Sleeping; a loving spouse in What Happens in Vegas. 3. The Magic Spell: A main character is involved with a fantastic wish, curse, power, after-death experience or mythical creature changes the heros life, who then falls in love while combating its effects. 4. Peter Pan & Wendy: The hero is stuck in emotional adolescence who must learn to take responsibility in order to win the love of a more mature love interest. 5. Slumming It: The hero attempts to overcome class differences. 6. The Long Haul: The hero weathers the ups and downs of more ongoing relationships.