How did your social/political location influence your understandings of ideas learned and discussed?

Please check all attachment for futher detilas on the instructions. Thanks A “synthesis is a concise form of writing that is used in many academic and non-academic settings as a means to integrate and express information from various sources. Prepare a 3 page synthesis (approximately 750 words but no more than 800 words) in which you reflect on: how you engaged with and made sense of the course materials within the unit; your learning within your unit discussion forum; and how you might implement your learning within the (hopefully evolving) framework of ideas that you will (or do) draw on in practice. Questions that you may want to consider as you prepare each synthesis within this course: How well were you able to engage with the course materials and utilize them throughout the discussion? Did you raise questions for your peers and provoke discussion? Did you lead the discussion and/or help to create a respectful and active learning environment for your peers? Were you left with any unanswered questions when the unit discussion concluded? Evaluation criteria Clarity of focus / Breadth and depth of analysis ??3 Organization of ideas Meaningful integration of at least three (3) course resources Quality of written expression spelling, grammar, and APA formatting/referencing