How, collectively, do the findings of these articles help address the health question? What statistical methods are used to test the hypotheses in these studies?

Missing component in the paper according to my professor
Revised submission:
Now you’re on the right track! Don’t forget that journal assignments require a personal/professional connection.

Course Concepts: In discussing the statistical methods used, describe the specific tests they used to test their hypotheses.
Personal or Professional Situation: Remember for journal assignments to connect the prompt to your personal/professional situation. How can you connect the findings of these studies your your personal or professional situation?
In your journal, be sure to address the following critical elements for both articles:
This section should highlight the major findings of each of the articles you selected for your supervisor and peers. Specifically, address the following:
What are the findings of each article and what implications do they have individually and collectively for solving the health problem in question? Support your answer with specific examples from your field.
Explain how key biostatistical calculations and methods support the conclusions in each article. Cite relevant information from the articles that support your answer.