How can a person make adjustments to his/her mindset?

Find five peer-reviewed articles that help you answer your question. Read and analyze each article. For your paper, include the complete reference citation (using APA format) for each article. Next, write a paragraph summarizing the information in each article. For the reflective analysis, write a brief synthesis that answers your research question based on your five articles. Do not include your opinion. For the self- application section, state why you asked your question. This is the only section that contains personal information 1. Cover page, proper margins, double-spaced 5 2. 12-point font, 4-5 pages, proper grammar 25 3. Bibliography formatted correctly 20 Content/Presentation 4. Research question identified 5 5. Five reference citations 5 6. Five summaries of research 5 7. Reflective analysis 5 8. Self-application 5 9. Timed presentation Also on the abstract paper my teacher wants 4-5 key words